Autumn-Winter 2021

A city that never sleeps. An afternoon stroll in Soho during a warm fall day in the 70’s, with a touch of fall and endless possibilities in the air.

The vibration of the city is undeniable and the women in the city are fierce and shoed to conquer. The color palette of the city is warm, intense, deep and refined. The green and red tones from the leaves of Central Park are getting their urban contrast from the concrete grey in the pulsating city.

The soft sunlight from the Indian summer is reflected in this Clergerie collection, like an everlasting warmth that we never want to end. It is a fall in New York after all!

Two women that are ready to take on the world, carrying themselves with great determination, ambition and style: their Clergerie shoes being a proof of their mindset. Platforms for a “rendez-vous”, derbies for a business meeting, sandals for a lunch out with friends, raffias for a casual stroll downtown, heels for the event of the season …

Who knows? Anything can be imagined in Soho of the 70s