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Clergerie is likely to collect personal information about the Customers for the navigation and orders process on the Website information are mandatory to process with the requests and orders of the Customer, in order to meet his expectations and to prevent from any fraudulent usage of its identity or personal and payment data.

If the Customer has confirmed an opt in, he/she can receive information from Clergerie brand or Website. This optin can be confirmed during checkout process or by subscribing to Clergerie newsletter from the Website footer. The opt out can be operated at any time by the Customer by clicking on the Unsubscribe link in the emails.

Clergerie may communicate these data to authorized authorities if they are requested to do so, or to defend the company or its employees’ rights. Clergerie is committed to ensure the security and protection of the data, and prevent the data to be damaged or accessible by non-authorized third parties.
Personal information are stored by the website hosting company listed above.


At any moment, the Customer can exercise its general right to access, modify, limit, delete and to enjoy the portability of its personal data.

These rights can be exercised by sending the information mandatory for identification such as first name, last name, email, postal address and email address at  Robert Clergerie - rue Pierre Curie 26100 Romans sur Isère – or by email :

The Customer also has a right of recourse to an authority such as the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des libertés in case of non-application of the Personal Data protection regulation, especially the European Regulation n°2016-679.

Personal data can be updated in the « Account” section, accessible with a personal email address and password. 

Except for functional or security cookies, the use of cookies on a Device depends on the user’s choice, which can be made and modified freely and at any time. 


The Customer can manage cookies here: Cookie Settings or by setting their browser to accept or disallow cookies on their device (see links below). Changing their settings may impact their internet browsing capacity and may sometimes alter their ability to access to certain Clergerie services if they require the use of cookies.

We cannot be held liable for the minimized access to our services as a result of cookies the Customer previously deleted or rejected.

Additional cookies may be used by our partners for analytics or marketing purposes.

The Customer can block the usage of cookies and tracking markers by setting up the web brower settings: